Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Going to start PracticaL So Soon!!!!


So fast now is the last 2nd day of March, and 3 months had almost flies off....... Hahahaha....

MY PRACTICAL IS GOING TO START SO SOON!!!!!! Will be starting on the 1st of APRIL...... Will be having practical for 4 MONTHS!!!!!! I hope this 4 months will quickly over.... I want to finish my DIPLOMA COURSE ASAP EDI!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH!!!!

Anyway my practical is at KL Sentral there.... THe kindergarten is under a church..... It is Tamil Methodist Kindergarten!!!! Hehe...

I just need to be more Patient and Steady in my practical..... I think when I start my practical, I might be seeing my Dear less edi!!!! Haih!!!! Have to focus on my practical edi.... just pray and hope that in one week can meet him at least once or twice!!!

Since last year, I told my ownself that I want more challenge and trials this year!!! And now I m having so much of challenge and trials!!!! GOD really provide me once I just asked..... XD...

Beside that, it is good to have different challenge and trials every years!!!!! It is a good chance for me to face the reality and solve differents kind of problems!!!! Hehe.... I want to be a better person!!!! :)

However, as some of u all know that my grandmother is not well!!!! Just continue to pray for her!!!!! I feel very sad and unhappy once I meet my grandmother!!! Haih!!!! I wanted to spend more time with her!!! Sob Sob... But my practical going to start so soon!!!! I will be busy doing my lesson plan and materials!!! .......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Week of Holiday!!!!


Time really flies fast.... This week is my 3rd week of holiday and also consider as my last week of holiday!!! Next week April I will be starting my practical already!!! And my practical is for 4 months!!!! Haha.... Really stress when my practical start though..... Hehe....

I really want my holiday to be longer!!! Sob Sob!!!!! Anyway I m still waiting for my piano theory results and last semester results in college as well!!! Kinda scary.... Haha..... I just pray that I can pass my Theory.... And can get good results in my final exam for last semester!!!! :)

Anyway so far the 2 weeks holiday that I had, have up and down, happiness and sadness as well!!! I do enjoy my holiday!!!!! Wakakakakakaka :P

I do spend a lot as well!!!! XD..... Need to start saving money edi!!!! Bankruping..... XD......

I will be missing the time I had with my bf!!! Hehe..... We will be meeting lesser when I start my practical!!! That time I really need to be patient and just let time to pass although I dun feel good and I will be feeling sad or moody!!!! :'(

This week my grandmother will getting her health report!!! So have to continue praying for her and my aunty that going for eye operation!!!!

Tomorrow I will be taking my sis to take Lrt till Asia Jaya.... Cause she might be studing in UTAR in PJ...... Just in case.... Some more my sis do not know how to take public transport... have to teach her though..... XD

Anyway that all for now I guess...... I haven't take pictures for sometimes.... Hehe, once I take pictures already will upload!!!! :P

Friday, March 20, 2009

TaGGed by Abby!!! :)

It has been long time that I didn't do any tagging....... XD....

Rule : The answers to the questions below must be based on what is happening now.

1. Where is your cell phoneOn my table
2. Your hair - Black
3. Your father - In the room
4. Your favorite thing - Music,online, listening to music and hanging out with friends
5. Your dream last night - I can't remember
6. Your favorite drink - Any Nice drink... (Not bitter)
7. Your dream goal - Too many Dream GoaL in MIND!!!!
8. The room you are in - My computer room
9. Your fearGhost, Darkness, etc....
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - Oversea.... Depend on my house finance...
11. MuffinsI Dun really like to eat Muffins, but just a bit....
12. One of your wish list items - To finish my degree in UK (If have the finance)
13. Where you grew up - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
14. The last thing you didWent out and play badminton with my dad, my bf with other people in the badminton court near my house.
15. What are you wearing - Pyjamas
16. Your TVPhileo
17. Your petsSleeping outside
18. Your computerMy Samsung Computer
19. Your lifeAlways have up and down, when feeling down, I will pray to GOD and listen to music....
20. Your mood - Depends on the situation
21. Missing someone - Ya, someone speciaL to me!!!! <3
22. Your car - Still waiting for it
24. Your summerStay in Malaysia.... XD
25. Your favorite color(s) - White, Red, Light Green,Sky Blue, pink and others.... Hehe...
26. When was the last time you laughed - I guess it was this afternoon
27. When was the last time you cried - Yesterday
28. Last person who emailed you - Forgot already.... XD
29. Your favorite food - Anything that are eatable and cooked.... (If sushi-not all sushi I eat as well)
30. A place you would rather be right now - Oversea, for Holiday with my bf!!!!

Now I'll tag:

Whoever that feel free to do this tag!!!! Hehe..... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally finish my Theory Grade 8 Exam....


Today finally I finish my Theory Grade 8 Exam in SMK Maluri School!!! My papers was 3 hours paper..... Hehe....

The question was ok..... So what I should now is to pray for my results.... Hope I will get Pass, at least pass I already will be very happy!!!! Hehe!!!! ^^ I want to complete it all my grade 8, my practical grade 8 also finish edi!!!! Hehe.......

Anyway today my day was ok as usual...... My bf came and accompany as usual and had dinner...We chat together, play cards, listen to songs.... Then we went for evening walk, play swings in the park and went to the badminton court..... So long we never play swing edi.... XD..... So fun to play the swings.... Around 8pm, me and my bf walked to the badminton court to see my father play badminton with another people there as well!!! All of them was a good player.... As for me, I have been very long time didn't play already..... Hahaha.... Have to train my badminton skills soon!!!! XD....

We walked back to my house around 9pm.... At home, before he left, I switch on my computer and he sang a lot a lot of songs to me.... So touching o.... Hehe.... The songs and the lyrics are so meaningful as well!!! Thanks Dear!!!!! Hope to meet u soon this week!!! ^^

He went back around 10:15pm.... Hehe!!! So happy today..... Tomorrow he will be busy..... He will go to for his class and then after class, he will be going to his friend house and go survery place for business with his friends..... He and his partner want to open a shop!!!! Hehe..... ;)

Besides that, yesterday I went to church as usual, after church went out with Lilian, Shuk Ling and Joshua..... So long didn't go out with them already.... Since I m busy with church stuffs as well!!!! Hehe...... We went to watch the show Marley and Me..... The show was nice and so touching at the end...

I can't believe that the dog die at the end, I cried..... My friend also..... When I watch the movie, I imagine if my dog die that what I feel deep inside me!!! So sad.... :'(

Before we went to watch movie, we went to walk around in Pavilion and we brought bread for our lunch while we watch movie in cinema and eat.... XD.... After the show, we went to walk a while also, then we go back about 3pm I think.... Hehe....... Hope to go out with them again!!!! ^^

Anyway I am so happy with my holiday!!! I can't wait to go out soon!!! But so far still have no plan yet!!!! XD.... Gonna plan it before my holiday end soon!!!! Wakakakakakakakaka :P

Hmm, I think that aLL for now!!!! Hehehe............. Nothing much happen but I m enjoying my holiday also!!!! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009



This few days of holiday I am so happy!!!!!

aLthough I just stay at home, but my bf come to my house and accompany me..... Yesterday I also cook his dinner for him in my house.... Hehehe..... I just cook normal fried rice with egg..... Hehe!!!

This few days he always come to my house accompany me.... and we chat, watch movie and so on, if we go out, we will waste money, so better stay at home..... Hehe.... Save money!!!!

Anyway so far I m quiet free now, plan to meet back my secondary school friends!!! Miss them so much!!! Wanted to meet them!!!!

Today I went to have dinner at Peel Road there..... We ate Bak Kut Teh, I ate with my family and he also follow...... Hehe.... We have good time together!!!! ^^ So happy!!!!

I m looking forward for another plan for my holiday.... Want to enjoy my holiday to the fullness!!!! Hehe..... When my practical start, I sure will be having a lot of stress and works to do...... Hehe.....

Nowadays wherever I go also he fetch me..... Hehehe!!! He is like my everything already..... XD....... Hahahahahaha...... Anyway by GOD's Grace, maybe we will marry in the future? XD..... Haha, have to continue praying and have faith and trust in GOD..... He is our everything and our FUTURE is in His Hand!!!! Hehe.... We have to Obey!!!! ^^

This few days didn't really take much photo.... Will take photo soon and upload!!!!! LOL..... :p

That all for now!!!!! Hehehe.....

Nothing much to write already!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Camworing in Rock 7/3/09....


Last Saturday we having ROCK as usual!!! Hehe, that day was the 1st day of Bible Study I need to teach!!! Hehehe.....

So long never teach already, anyway the 1st day of teaching was ok by GOD Grace.... Hehe ^^...

Nothing really much happen on that day either.... XD.... Friends just teasing me with my bf name aLan.... XD....

Here are some of the photo I took in ROCK.... :)

Isn't It Cute??? Hehe.....

Here Goes aGain..... XD

Candid Shot of Yi Huei, Jessie and Nicholas playing master mind.... :p

Candid Shot of My Kai Mui Sher Leen.... Hahahaha :D

Kai Mui Sher Leen and Me!!!

Caleb, Sher Leen, Me and Jia Huei!!!

Me and Kang Sher Lin!!!! ^^

We took Pictures Again during Ice Breaker in ROCK.... (^_^)

This is one of the video of Jia Huei in the ice breaker game, PUNISHMENTS, EAT WASABI..... Hahaha....

After ROCK I went to Mid Valley and meet my bf..... Hehehe.... ;) Then we went to eat dinner near Leisure Mall.... Hehe!!! Then reach home about 9 something at night.....

On Sunday he came to my house and he follow me go to my grandmother house for steamboat as well!!! Hehe.... So happy.....

Yesterday also went out the whole day with him and had dinner with his parent, and his elder sis and his younger sis, and his cousin and his cousin gf... Cause his cousin will be leaving to Australia on Wednesday..... Hehe..... But yesterday his sis's bf and his eldest brother n his eldest borther gf was not there either.... Anyway the meeting and the dinner was ok......

After dinner, he fetch me home!!! Hehe.....

Anyway more happiness coming soon!!! That for aLL for now!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Happy Day aGain!!!! :)


This morning I had one surprise from my dear again.... He called me around 7:30am and told me to wake up early..... He will send me to my college.... I was so shocked, cause actually today he got class, I was wondering already..... XD

He came and fetch me around 8:20am.... Then he send me to college..... He told me that this morning the teacher called him and told him the class was cancel.... Hehe.... No wonder he can come and fetch me.... Hehe :) While on the way, I ate my breakfast in his car, he gave me one pizza bread, so I ate..... When we reach, he park at the car park outside my college, then we sit in the car till around 9am, then I walk into my college....

Then he drive to Mid Valley and meet his friend there 1st...... So I reach college and discuss questions with Angie, cause she also taking the exam with me..... XD......

About 10am, we start exam.... The exam is from 10am till 12pm, 2 hours papers.... Then I finish my paper around 11:30am then I go out.... XD..... My friend finish around 11:45am..... Hehe.....

Then we start our practical briefing.... ;) Before 12:30pm, we finish briefing about it already, then I went out and wait for my Dear to fetch me!!!! Hehe!!!

Today the whole day I was with him although he drove around and take his mom to some where..... XD....... I am so happy today.........

I went to his house as well!!! XD....... And at night we went to had a light dinner and drinks with his friends..... One of his friend reach there about 10pm, then about 10 minutes later, my dear drove me back, cause mom want me to go back early.... I told her be4 10:30pm I will reach home!!!! ^^

After that when I reach home edi, when my dear went back and meet them, my friend that stay behind the area there, she also came and come out and have drink with them.....XD...... I wish and hope I was there..... Maybe next time!!!! :P

Anyway I will be having my last final exam paper on Saturday..... Wish me aLL the best!!! XD....

Tomorrow will be having piano class!!! Haih.... Cham o..... Always when the word piano class in my mind is just so scary..... LOL........

Besides that, I can't wait to meet my dear aGain.... We will meeting this Monday...... Hehehe!!!! nOt sure tomorrow he is coming to my house a not..... Hehehe!!!! :) Miss him and Love him so much!!!!!

That aLL for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I m so Happy Today!!!


I am so happy today.... Anyone can Guess WHY????


Hahaha, enough of questioning u aLL WHY....



He came to my house around at 5 something and meet my mom 1st before we go out..... Kind of scary when he say want to meet my mom 1st..... XD....

Anyway I think is good as well to let my mom who I date with so my mom will not feel so worry about me!!! Hehe, I have to let my mom knows that He will take care of me and won't be go home so late as we promise!!! ^^

We went to Mid Valley at 1st to find his mom, because his mom works there!!! So we go walk around and went to the pet shop and went to walk at The Garden, was my 2nd time to The Garden, there nothing much though...... Dun 1 2 go there edi, go Mid Valley better...... XD

Anyway around 7 something, his mom called him edi, cause he needs to send his mom's friend to one clinic at around Segambut area..... For those chinese doctor to rub...... She got high colestrol I think..... So his husband also follow around..... My dear aLan drive all the way there from Mid Valley!!!!

I sleep a while in the car, but not really sleeping la, just resting because he knows I m tired so he also asked me to rest!!! :) Then when we reach edi, we waited a while and then that lady and his husband went in while me and my dear go back to the car and rest....... We also manja manja as well!!!! XD......

Around 8:30pm, they finish see the doctor and my dear send them back to Mid Valley and He drove me home.... I reach home about 9:30pm..... Hehe, then he went back to Mid Valley and fetch his mom..... Wait for his mom to finish work then go home!!!! :)

Dear, I really enjoy myself today although is only for about 3 hours..... And is also our 1st date!!!
I won't forget....... Thank you so much!!! Thank you for making me so blessed and happy!!!!

Muachx........ Muachx...... Muachx........... Muachx.................. Muachx........... Muachx........................

This pic took yesterday camworing.....

Camworing from yesterday as weLL!!!!

Anyway tomorrow is my next exam as well!!! Having another paper tomorrow...... Wish me aLL the best..... XD..... I study since in the morning till afternoon edi!!! and I just revise again when I got back at 9:30pm just now....... Hehehe..........

However, I can't wait to meet him tomorrow as well after my exam and the briefing!!!! Hehehehe......